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Over 75 5 Star Reviews!

Absolutely the best!

Carol and her team were amazing they helped me through the most difficult time of my life during my separation and divorce. She was always available to speak with and in a few times when she wasn't she always called me back. There step by step process, what to expect, how to handle and children and divorce paperwork they give when you finally make that choice helped me be more cautious about the adult nature and sensitivity to the situation. Its two years later and I'm still able to reach her or her team if I have an unexpected situation arise that I have questions about. Thank you for being there!

- Doranna (5 star review) August 7, 2017

Fantastic! Sure organized! She knows the law!

Carol was very thorough with my case I didn't have to say a single thing in court she defended my case with everything she had and was very clear on what her strategy was I highly recommend her you can't go wrong with Carol. She's really a blessing !
- Dora (5 star review)
May 24, 2017

Fantastic Attorney!

Carol Barnes was a fantastic attorney. She listened when I spoke to her, was incredible compassionate, and worked very hard to ensure I got the best results for my case. Her and her staff were very confident and ethical. I would recommend Carol Barnes to everyone.
- Kelly (5 star review)
June 24, 2016

Changed the way I look at lawyers!

my sons Mother, proved to be true over and over again, and yes their were times I thought differently. This insight not only helped me achieve an outcome in my case, but has helped me become a better Father, parent, and even husband. I cannot thank her or her staff enough.
- Barak (5 star review)   
June 14, 2016

She is the best

Carol is an amazing professional. Incredibly specialized in what she does, sh works with her clients with a genuine empathy, to make them understand sincerely what the status, chances and ways are about their cases. She has never quit about patience. She works with her clients to explain every detail as much as necessary. I am specially intense and she has never shown being tired of it. For the contrary, she uses your worry as part of the driver of the case, and you feel included in the struggle. One incredible thing is that she does never shows to work for money. She is always committed for what she agreed. Her ethics seems to be always first. Even though, she defends your cause carefully, very aggressive if needed, so prudently if required. Always smart. Always calming your anxiety. She was able to get my difficult case (lost in the bad practice of my former lawyer) and make of it a transcendent and relevant argumentation.

- SM (5 star review) August 5, 2017

Amazing Representation

Miss Barnes picked up my case and I don't believe she had any idea what she was actually in for as my case was very different from any case even the judge had ever seen. There were a lot of Technical and legal NRS codes that were brought up frequently throughout the case and she was able to overcome each and every one of them and ultimately we came out Victorious in our battle through the family courts. She was on top of all of the paperwork and had everything done in a timely manner was easy to get in touch with and very informative and supportive throughout the whole process. I recommend Miss Barnes highly to anyone looking for legal advice and representation most definitely.

- Michaela Christian (5 star review) August 5, 2017

Worth every Penny!

I was surprised and unprepared when my wife served me with divorce papers. I walked into Carols office feeling like I had a bull's-eye on my forhead. I interviewed half a dozen attorneys and hired Carol Barnes. My wife insisted upon making our divorce a nasty and ugly battle. She was unscrupulous, unreasonable and vindictive. Carol spent the time to walk me through each step of the way. Carol explained all the various options available to me, the likely outcome, and the pros and cons of each potential path. Carol is diligent and hard working , she did not waste my time or money on unrealistic demands or positions. Carol did what was necessary to win my case and did not allow my wife to ramp up my litigation costs. My Wife ended up paying her attorney a fortune for nothing! Carol obtained better results for me and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone whose going through a divorce.

- Bob (5 star review) July 30, 2017

Excellent attorney!

My divorce was the most difficult and scariest part of my life. Thamkfully, I hired Carol Barnes to represent me. Carol was always accessible to me, explained the intricacies of family law to me, and worked hard for me. Carol was well prepared when we went to Court and was successful in her arguments. Carol exceeded my expectations and I am very satisfied with the results she obtained.

- anonymous (5 star review) June 6, 2017

Great Attorney!

A friend of mine, who was a former client of Carol’s, highly recommended her to me. I am so grateful that she did. Carol explained the entire process to me and the strengths and weaknesses of my case. Carol and I advised a strategic plan to accomplish my goals. Carol executed the plan exactly as she stated she would. Carol promptly returned my telephone calls and responded to my emails. I was notified of all communications between counsel and I always knew what was going on in my case. Carol explained to me what would be occurring at the court hearings and took the time to go over everything again prior to the hearing. I was never caught off guard because Carol always prepared me beforehand. Ultimately, the strategic plan that we came up with worked and I achieved my goals. Carol and her staff worked very hard on my behalf and honestly billed me for the time it took to do the work. My experience with Carol and her firm is that they are honest, hardworking, and truly fight for their clients. I will recommend her to anyone who is going through a divorce or custody matter.

- Dani (5 star review) May 11, 2017

Nothing but, fantastic

Nothing but a great experience. Another lawyer actually recommended Carol Barnes for my case. Both Carol and Maria have been nothing but fantastic to my family and I. Maria is always available to answer any questions you may have and i know from personal experience that is an unusual occurance. Carol is always punctual to any hearings and comes early to review everything that is going to happen. We couldn't be more pleased

- Amber (5 star review) October 31, 2016

Great Attorney

I hired Carol Barnes after consulting with numerous attorneys about my custody matter. One of the attorneys I consulted with accused me of lying and trying to keep my child away from her father. None of the attorneys seemed to really understand personality disorders and how damaging they are to children. Then I met with Carol, not only did she get it, she was able to predict my ex's next moves. My ex's attorney kept accusing me of alienation; I was not alienating I was protecting my child. Carol kept showing me the traps my ex was trying to set and how to avoid them. Carol was able to get the Judge to understand exactly what was going on an prove that my ex was dangerous. I got full custody and my child is now safe. I am so thankful that I found Carol.

- anonymous (5 star review) July 13, 2016


Carol has represented me for almost 10 years now. Being a father, primary custody is not easy to have, but Carol got this for me. She has done amazing work and doesn't take any "crap" from opposing council. She has fought for me through numerous pleadings including going all the way to the Nevada Supreme Court. She has won every single time. My son wouldn't be in my life if it wasn't for Carol's hard work and effort.

- Paul (5 star review) July 6, 2016

Great Result

Carol handled my divorce and got me joint custody and I did not have to pay any alimony. My ex-wife kept telling me that her attorney said she would get primary custody and alimony. She didn't and now she works with me cause she doesn't want to go back to court. Thanks Carol and crew, you are the best!

- John (4 star review) June 26, 2016

Excellent lawyer and experience!

Carol Barnes is simply AMAZING! I, like a lot of people was going through a custody battle with my ex husband. I had consultations with four different lawyers here in town, two of which were highly rated here in Las Vegas. After meeting with each of them I walked away feeling downhearted and even more nervous to face my ex in court. I was told I should just just give into his requests because that's probably what would end up happening in court. I felt defeated and it hadn't even started. I was then referred to Carol and even though she was very busy she made time for me. She was very detailed and thorough when learning about my case. She made me feel very comfortable and was willing to see me through the whole process. Since religion played a part in my case she did her research and gathered the facts for court. The best decision I ever made was choosing Carol as my attorney. She is incredibly knowledgable and you can tell by her work ethic this is her passion! Her staff is just as wonderful as she is. They to are very knowledgable and definitely customer service orientated. I will forever be grateful to Carol and the staff at Barnes law group for not only winning the case but making the very emotional and mentally draining process that much easier. I would highly recommend Carol to anyone seeking a family attorney.

- Nicole (5 star review) June 24, 2016

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