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Over 75 5 Star Reviews!

I highly recommend Carol Barnes as your family attorney

I have been a client with Carol Barnes for quite a few years. Ms Barnes truly has my childs and my best interest in hand. I appreciate her aggressiveness in court, helping me fight for the my daughter and winning my case, I can't thank her enough. So happy I got referred to her from a former client of hers. I highly recommend Carol Barnes as your family attorney.

- anonymous (5 star review) January 16, 2016

Why settle for less when you can hire the best

I would highly recommend Ms. Barnes to any one going through a divorce or a custody. Ms. Barnes is a very aggressive attorney and will fight for your rights. Ms. Barnes did an amazing job in my case, she got me Primary Physical Custody of my little boy with supervised visitations at Donna's House. I couldn't be happier with that outcome. I was blessed by having Ms. Barnes on my side during the hardest battle of my life - keeping my baby boy safe. Ms. Barnes is the BEST!!!

- Sarah (5 star review) May 31, 2013

Outstanding Service

This attorney/lawyer office/firm of Carol Barnes has provided outstanding service to me by operating/performing to the highest standards I could wish for.
As a client of theirs I have had the best imaginable experience with Carol as my case representative as well as her entire staff/team as everyone has been tremendously helpful, friendly and very fast responsive.

First of all;
Carol went the extra mile by taking on my case despite myself being a non US citizen nor residing in the US.

Carol and her team are friendly beyond measure as well as Carol has a very kind listening ear.
She made the effort to get a full understanding of the case despite it being multi layered due to international reasons.

After having explained the scenario of the matter to her; Carol advised and pointed out possible legal actions according to previously enquired goals of mine and offered solution ideas beyond that.
Furthermore Carol has been very reliable.
For example; she responded in a very timely manner and made it a seamless operation, especially when facing time constraints by drafting up legal documents in no time at all.

But beyond all legal advise/service that was provided to me; her help exceeded expectations due to the full case understanding, readiness to answer questions and just pure friendliness.

- Sonja J. (5 star review) February 14, 2023

Very knowledgeable and prepared

My husband used Carol for a case concerning his retirement benefits. The other party owed a substantial amount of money to him but was trying to get his benefits. Carol was very knowledgeable and prepared. She was easy to contact along with her staff. In the end we settled and he did not lose his retirement and the amount owed him was waved. We were very happy with this result. Carol is in it to win for her clients.

- Maryann B. (5 star review) April 13, 2022

Genuinely Wonderful 

Last year, my ex-husband and I split. We needed to figure out what to do about a divorce, but with my ex being rather uninterested in the concept, I knew I would have to figure it out on my own.

I contacted a few firms for a consultation, but they didn't feel like a right fit. When I talked with Carol, she was the first to bring up the concept of an uncontested divorce and she suggested that as an option based on my ex and I attempting to complete this mutually. I proceeded with the firm for that reason and was then put in touch with Andrew Semprazik.

Over the next months, my ex and I discussed the topics of the divorce - the splitting of the assets and the structure of split custody with our young daughter. During that time, Andrew and the paralegal, Maria Serna, were extremely helpful and patient. They provided documentation to guide us in making decisions, were easy-going while waiting for information, and transcribed our requests accordingly.

Unfortunately, at the time of signing when I thought that we were on the same page, my ex decided to contest portions of the decree. Although I had a really hard time with my ex's decision at first, Andrew and Maria remained very steadfast. Maria enlightened me on what this new process would look like and was incredibly encouraging when I shared additional information about the background complications of the divorce. At the same time, Andrew was very transparent throughout the process, ensured that my decisions were mine alone, shared honest feedback at moments when I sought input, and then fully executed my wishes to opposing council.

I only interacted with a few at Barnes Law Group, but they are genuinely wonderful individuals.  I'm truly thankful to have had them there to represent me. More importantly, I greatly appreciate the way they helped me in ensuring that my daughter's best interests remained the highest priority.

- Rose Ann B. (5 star review) March 20, 2022

Upfront and Honest

I had debilitating anxiety over my case.  After not finding what I was looking for from other attorneys, I found Carol Barnes. None of the other lawyers I spoke to was very helpful or responsive and I wanted to get things taken care of ASAP. Carol was upfront and honest with me from the beginning. She said it was a matter of just paperwork and did everything she could to ease my worries. Her paralegal Emi was very friendly, approachable, and accessible. Ms. Barnes was very professional and knowledgeable about the law. She knew exactly what to do in my case.
I highly recommend Carol Barnes as the attorney you would want by your side in any legal matter. Thank you Carol for giving me peace of mind.

- MP (5 star review) February 24, 2020


The attorneys and staff at Barnes Law Group are so knowledgeable, personable, and truly are on your side. They make sure to explain each step of the process, respond quickly, and educate their clients on both sides of the case. I would recommend everybody to go here, and if I could give 100 stars I would!!!

- Joshua (5 star review) February 21, 2020

Fought Relentlessly

I hired Carol and she fought my case relentlessly for 2 and a 1/2 years. What began as something over support turned into a legal and technical nightmare she was extremely knowledgeable of all the laws regarding to each and every NRS law in Nevada. I would highly recommend Carol.

- Michaela (5 star review) March 19, 2019

Amazing Work!

I've used carol and her team for 2 divorces and one I have custody of my children as a result of their amazing work ! I still use them anytime I have modifications and I won't ever use another family law atty ever and the only one I recommend !!

- Mike (5 star review) September 9, 2017

ALWAYS on point

Carol Barnes is the very best of the best. I can say that because I tried to retain many of the A list attorneys in town to undo a very messy case and no one would touch it. I had already lost the first custody trial and an appeal, and they all said it was too difficult and too much work for their firm. Carol took my case and was able to undo 4 1/2 years of damage caused by a highly litigated case where a judge consistently ruled against me. It was very hard and frustrating work, especially because it was a relocation case.  Thankfully, Carol was up for the task. She and her firm were highly organized, by the book, and ahead of the game at all times. If Carol takes your case, she believes in you and insists on winning. She leaves no rock unturned and is ALWAYS on point. The confidence I had with Carol in my corner was such a relief and comfort. She did the impossible and gave my young son and I back our lives.  We will forever be grateful.

P.S. I have read the other review posted and would like to respond with my perspective. Family Court in Nevada is a cruel, unpredictable beast. No one can predict one day to the next. The Family Court is like the Wild, Wild West. Understanding that and adjusting your expectations and patience level is key. The process is a marathon-not a sprint. Carol and her firm are expensive. But they are worth every penny!

- anonymous (5 star review) January 14, 2020

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