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Over 75 5 Star Reviews!


Carol is an amazing attorney. When I consulted her regarding my impending divorce, she came across as tough, thorough and smart as a whip. She did not disappoint. Carol continued to impress me throughout the entire process. My ex had tried for sole custody of our child and Carol got me joint primary and physical custody. She also prevented my ex from taking half of my tax refunds. Not only have I already recommended Carol to others, I will continue to do so. I'd give Carol 10 stars if I could.

- Jeff (5 star review) January 5, 2019


With Ms. Barnes help I was able to get joint physical custody of my son after losing so much time with him after his mother took him. I am forever indebted to Ms. Barnes for her kindness and sharp professionalism.
- Steven Pelliccione (5 star review) September 4, 2017


Thank you so much for my freedom from that psycho.. I really appreciate all your help and support Carol and Maria.
I hope the next time I travel to Vegas from UK, we can have dinner together to celebrate.
- anonymous (4 star review)
June 5, 2017

This is your lady!

I've been to court with Carol 3 times over the past 7 years. She's awesome in the courtroom, is honest, knows the law and is very familiar with family court. I totally trust her and wouldn't want anyone else standing by my side in the courtroom!
- Jr. (4 star review)   
June 2, 2017

Rock Star Attorney

Carol is the most amazing attorney. She worked so hard to win my case. She goes the extra mile and no matter what obstacles were thrown at us she took it in stride and resolved each and every issue coming out on top every time!!! She really is top notch and I highly recommend her as she can do it all!!!

- anonymous (5 star review) April 19, 2018


Carol Barnes Law Group handled my divorce. Her team was exceptional. Her approach was professional. I appreciated the fact that she listened first. Then she stated her plan of action. Everything went as planned. My case was handled with compassion, honesty, and commitment to my privacy. Highly recommended.

- Patricia (5 star review) February 23, 2018


I contacted Carol's office and explained a very difficult situation I was having in obtaining a settlement check from the opposing attorney who felt he did not have to release it. The check should have been presented to me almost two weeks prior, and the intimidating bully...also known as the person licensed in the state of Nevada to practice law, was refusing to turn it over, basically sneering in my face that there was nothing I could do about him holding the check. Carol was outraged over their behavior and within two days of me contacting her office, had a motion of the verge of being filed and took immediate action to get the check released!! Yes, I would highly recommend Carol and her team for getting quick results and having enough compassion to realize when there's a situation that is just not right! Thank you Carol!

- Melinda (5 star review) October 24, 2017

Best Attorney in town!

I was about to lose custody of my children and was desperate to find a good attorney. I consulted with Ms. Barnes and knew she was the right attorney for me. If you are looking for an attorney that will fight for you like a pit bull in the court room Carol Barnes is the attorney for you. Ms. Barnes has turned this difficult custody battle around and I am no longer going to lose custody of my children. Ms. Barnes is compassionate, honest and won't waste your time or money. Ms. Barnes truly cares about her clients and I always feel so comfortable talking with her. Barnes Law Group office is a very professional yet relaxed atmosphere and the office staff is so nice and friendly. Maria is a sweetheart! If you need a good attorney call Carol Barnes!

- anonymous (5 star review) September 21, 2017

I only recommend Barnes law group !

I've used Barnes law group for two separate divorces. She was able to dispel my wife's attempts at making me look like I was a threat to her and everyone else by using cell phone records to show that she would put tpo on me call the cops and file complaints while I was at work and not near her home and also to show that she contacted me everyday and that I had not been in contact was able to get my ex wife to pay fees and not receive allamony or any of my company. In my other I've kept my children with physical custody she has always worked her hardest for what I believed in with my kids ! The only family law atty you should use !

- Michael (5 star review) September 8, 2017

Fresh start

I had a previous attorney that represented me in my divorce. Issues happened after the divorce and my previous attorney didn't seem prepared to handle the issues. My co-worker referred me to Carol and I'm so glad he did! Carol told me the steps that I needed to do and how to prepare for any upcoming litigation. She gave me the confidence that I needed to take on my ex.

- Sonia (5 star review) September 6, 2017

Brilliant Attorney

Ms. Barnes thoroughly prepared me for my trial testimony, Direct examination was a breeze and when I was cross examined by my ex's attorney it was fun. I understood exactly why each question was asked and did not fall for any of the other attorney's traps. I obtained the result I wanted and enjoyed watching my ex's attorney's frustration because he could not get anywhere. If you want to win at trial - hire Barnes Law Group!!

- C.E. (5 star review) September 6, 2017

Awesome lawyer

Carol represented me in my divorce and custody. My ex was plotting the divorce and caught me by surprise. I was highly recommended by a friend to go see Carol. I'm very happy that I consulted with Carol and retained her. Carol knew every step my ex was making and prepared me for everything along the way. My ex and her attorney didn't know what to do because their plan had failed as Carol was too prepared! I call her the cat lawyer! Everyone I meet that has any family law issue, I send them directly to Carol. She is the best in town!

- Oscar (5 star review) September 6, 2017

Child Custody

Barnes and her staff are on point with their clients. I retained Ms.Barnes since 2014 year and from the start she has been assertive and listens to the client. Maria is excellent individual that demonstrates work ethic of organization and accuracy with your documents.
I am pleased to her represent me.

- Liliana (4 star review) August 16, 2017

Best of the Best - Honest and Upfront

Carol Barnes and her staff were amazing from the minute I walked into their office. Going through a divorce can be one of the most frustrating things to have to go through. Carol took time to sit with me and get to know all about my situation and to find out exactly what I wanted out of my divorce. She prepared me for what was going to happen and what to expect during the court proceedings so that there were no surprises. Carol and her staff are very responsive to all questions that I had and never left me in doubt. Carol is very impressive in court, her knowledge of court proceedings put me in the driver’s seat and gave me that important edge over my ex. She finds every opportunity to make my case stronger and for me to feel more comfortable and at ease with any situation. I highly recommend Carol and her staff if you want someone who is truly going to fight for you, is very fair and will not do you dirty.

- Aprell (5 star review) August 10, 2017

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