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Trusted Family Counsel and Consistent Results

Family law is, by nature, a deeply emotional practice area.  Clients fear that undesired legal resolutions will leave them destitute and unable to spend time with their beloved children.  But while numerous risks accompany family law proceedings, it is possible to emerge with a satisfactory case resolution.  A good family lawyer can make all the difference, as numerous satisfied clients have discovered while working with Barnes Law Group.

Family Matters Handled at the Barnes Law Group

Barnes Law Group handles a variety of family cases, including:

  • Prenuptial agreements: Prenuptial agreements help future spouses keep their assets protected, thereby simplifying matters in the event of a divorce.

  • Annulment: By annulling a marriage, it is possible to avoid many of the complications associated with divorce.

  • Temporary protective order: Issued without a hearing, temporary protective orders are designed to protect victims from their abusers.

  • Extended protective order: Similar to temporary protective orders, extended protective orders are granted following hearings and may last up to one year.

  • Adult guardianship: Appointed guardians arrange for living accommodations and health care for those incapacitated due to illness or injury.

  • Minor child guardianship: If a child’s parents or guardians pass away and no future guardians are highlighted in a will, new guardians may be appointed by the court system.

  • Relocation: Without consent from the other parent, children cannot be moved far away from their present home without the court’s permission.

  • Stepparent adoption: Stepparents who wish to adopt their spouses’ children must be at least ten years older than the children and of good moral character.

  • Grandparent visitation: In some cases, grandparents can petition courts for visitation.

  • Third party visitation: If an adult has a meaningful relationship with a child, he or she may be granted third party visitation rights.

  • Contested termination of parental rights: If it serves the best interests of the child, a parent’s rights can be terminated.

Family Law Certificates and Credentials

Carol Barnes boasts an extensive understanding of family law, achieved through continued legal successes and a never-ending quest to learn more.  She is a certified mediator and certified financial divorce analyst.  Additionally, she has completed numerous family law workshops through the Harvard University Law School, along with the American Bar Associations Advanced Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute program.

For years, Carol Barnes has worked exclusively as a family lawyer.  During this time, she has achieved an impressive understanding of the legal landscape in Clark County and beyond.  She knows exactly what it takes to win contentious family cases, but she can also help clients achieve desired family arrangements in an amicable manner via mediation or collaboration.  Regardless of your desired approach, you can rest assured knowing that Carol Barnes will serve as a strong advocate.

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