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Over 75 5 Star Reviews!

Excellent service

This attorney/lawyer office/firm of Carol Barnes has provided outstanding service to me by operating/performing to the highest standards I could wish for.
As a client of theirs I have had the best imaginable experience with Carol as my case representative as well as her entire staff/team as everyone has been tremendously helpful, friendly and very fast responsive.
First of all;
Carol went the extra mile by taking on my case despite myself being a non US citizen nor residing in the US.
Carol and her team are friendly beyond measure as well as Carol has a very kind listening ear.
She made the effort to get a full understanding of the case despite it being multi layered due to international reasons.
After having explained the scenario of the matter to her; Carol advised and pointed out possible legal actions according to previously enquired goals of mine and offered solution ideas beyond that.
Furthermore Carol has been very reliable.
For example; she responded in a very timely manner and made it a seamless operation, especially when facing time constraints by drafting up legal documents in no time at all.
But beyond all legal advise/service that was provided to me; her help exceeded expectations due to the full case understanding, readiness to answer questions and just pure friendliness.

- anonymous (5 star review) February 14, 2023

Fair Prices

Everyone I dealt with was great. Fair prices and thorough work, done by capable people. I would highly recommend to anyone.
- Jonathan D. Locke (5 star review) May 2023

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Barnes Law Group for all your family law needs!! Everyone at the firm is knowledgeable, hard working, and caring! Whether it’s a simple or complex issue, they would be my first choice!
- Joshua T. (5 star review) April 2023

Thank you!

I had a matter that needed to be addressed quickly. Barnes Law Group helped me resolve my matter that I needed help with. I am very appreciative! Thank you!
- Nataly Worthy (5 star review)    April 2023

Experienced and Efficient

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a family attorney to represent you. After reviewing and interviewing four attorneys myself, I chose Carol. The determining factors were years of experience, positive reviews, and hourly rates. My deciding factor was in our initial consultation. Carol was the first attorney that listened to me closely during the initial consultation. The other attorneys seemed to spend more time telling me how good they were and talking about themselves. I guess there's a lot of ego in the business with the nature of what they do. I wanted someone humble enough to listen to the challenges we would face, so we were better prepared for the arguments, and they will come no matter how straightforward you think your case is. Her initial retainer fee and hourly rates were extremely fair and efficient. Attorneys can charge whatever they want and bill as many hours as they choose, so selecting an attorney that is fair but expeditious with their time is essential. One of our face-to-face meetings lasted over three hours, but we covered enough ground for the next three months of arguments. I was fortunate that I did not have to go to trial, but I had all the confidence in the world that if I did, we would win. My now ex- attorney's hourly rates were 30% higher, and their initial retainer was double what mine was. Carol is a clear thinker who knows how to strategize. Her years of experience are invaluable. She's been in front of most if not all judges several times, so she understands how they would probably rule on a particular part of the case. These skills end up saving time and money. I highly recommend Carol and her team represent you with your legal challenges.

- anonymous (5 star review) June 5, 2022

I recommend them to everybody!!

Wow!! What a law firm!! I recommend them whole heartedly if you’re looking for a divorce or have a child custody issue. They are more than attorneys, they take the time to learn about you, your needs, and then go fight for you. I recommend them to everybody!!

- Karla Jo (5 star review) May 2023

Competent and Aggressive Attorney

I could not be happier with the service I received from Attorney Carol Barnes and Barnes Law Group. Everyone at Barnes Law Group was able to answer my questions when I called. When I sent an email, I always received an answer on the same day and most emails were answered within the hour. When I first spoke with Attorney Barnes, she outlined a strategy for handling my case. My case was handled successfully, and as Attorney Barnes had originally discussed. I received a bill each month for the work that was done on my case and the bills reflected the strategy originally agreed to. Ultimately, Attorney Barnes was able to settle the case without us having to go to trial. While I was relieved that we did not go to trial, I am confident that we would have won if we did. I was very scared when I first retained Barnes Law Group. What I appreciated most was Attorney Barnes laid out the strategy and the law for me in writing at the very beginning so I could look at it whenever I became anxious and was able to relax and know that the facts and the law were on my side. I recommend Barnes Law Group to all the moms out there who need a competent and aggressive attorney.

- Lizbeth (5 star review) May 2023

She is great, highly recommend

A woman I hadn't seen in years tried to collect child support monies from me for a kid that wasn't mine. I hadn't spoken to the woman in years. My girlfriend said I urgently needed an attorney. I contacted Attorney Barnes who explained how my wages could be garnished and I could even be put in jail for nonpayment of child support if I don't dna test and prove I am not the father. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but after she showed me the law, I took the test and proved I wasn't the father. Glad I listened to the attorney's advice and put crazy in the rear view mirror.She is great, highly recommend.

- K Bar (5 star review) May 2023

They are absolutely amazing!

I am very pleased with Carol Barnes and her whole firm. They are absolutely amazing! From our first phone call to our court date, she was there easing all my worries. She was determined and positive over the course of my case. Her knowledgeable experience, efficiency and diligence helped me navigate the challenges and gave me the peace of mind I needed during a difficult time.

I cannot thank enough Andrew Semprazik's phenomenal dedication, prompt top quality service and exemplary professionalism. He really took the time to listen and gather facts and evidence, working with me to make sure every detail was correct. Always available to answer any questions and concerns with quick and accurate feedbacks, he exceeded my expectations.
Even though my case was complicated and out of the ordinary, they handled it flawlessly, providing excellent legal counsel and passionately fighting for my rights.They approached my case with integrity in a direct and assertive way, getting to the bottom of the issue with sound strategies and well laid out tactics, ultimately achieving the greatest outcome possible.

The entire staff of the legal firm is very friendly and helpful.
Barnes law group would be my first choice recommendation to anyone who may be seeking a reliable, trustworthy, and highly professional family attorney. You will be 100% satisfied with their work and will not regret it!

Thank you Carol and Andrew for your dedication, heart, and efforts in resolving my case in the best possible way. I am very grateful for the privilege of getting to know you.

- Germana Rappa (5 star review) April 2023

Customer Service Oriented

I interned at Barnes Law Group when I thought that I wanted to be a Family Law attorney. While interning at the office I got to witness firsthand the internal workings, their services, and their staff. I can tell you that this staff puts a tremendous amount of work, attention, and strategy behind everything they do. Communications about clients’ cases, the weaknesses and how to better posture the case occupied most of the internal conversations amongst the people working there. This law office is extremely customer service oriented. During my tenure, I witnessed them win every case. It really was amazing. But I also saw the amount of work it took, the frequency with which the attorneys prioritized their clients over their personal life and the strain of representing people who are in personal crisis. I ultimately decided that I wanted a better work life balance. Whenever anyone needs a Family Lawyer, I recommend Barnes Law Group, they are great people. I know from working there that they are honest, smart, and devoted to achieving their clients’ goals. They are also down to earth and easy to talk to. Everyone I ever recommended there has thanked me for doing so.

- Claire Lovelace (5 star review) May 2023

Obvious First Choice

I had consultations with many lawyers, and Carol was the obvious first choice. Family court issues are so stressful, having a lawyer I trusted was invaluable. Despite the stress, I always felt comfortable and confident with her. Carol is super smart, honest, and caring. I hope to never go through this again, but if I do, my first call will be to Carol.

- Jill Cunningham (5 star review) March 2023


Last year, my ex-husband and I split. We needed to figure out what to do about a divorce, but with my ex being rather uninterested in the concept, I knew I would have to figure it out on my own.

I contacted a few firms for a consultation, but they didn’t feel like a right fit. When I talked with Carol, she was the first to bring up the concept of an uncontested divorce and she suggested that as an option based on my ex and I attempting to complete this mutually. I proceeded with the firm for that reason and was then put in touch with Andrew Semprazik.

Over the next months, my ex and I discussed the topics of the divorce – the splitting of the assets and the structure of split custody with our young daughter. During that time, Andrew and the paralegal, Maria Serna, were extremely helpful and patient. They provided documentation to guide us in making decisions, were easy-going while waiting for information, and transcribed our requests accordingly.

Unfortunately, at the time of signing when I thought that we were on the same page, my ex decided to contest portions of the decree. Although I had a really hard time with my ex’s decision at first, Andrew and Maria remained very steadfast. Maria enlightened me on what this new process would look like and was incredibly encouraging when I shared additional information about the background complications of the divorce. At the same time, Andrew was very transparent throughout the process, ensured that my decisions were mine alone, shared honest feedback at moments when I sought input, and then fully executed my wishes to opposing council.

I only interacted with a few at Barnes Law Group, but they are genuinely wonderful individuals. I’m truly thankful to have had them there to represent me. More importantly, I greatly appreciate the way they helped me in ensuring that my daughter’s best interests remained the highest priority.

- Rose Ann (5 star review) March 21, 2022


They helped me with my divorce, I am very thankful and appreciate they always kept me informed. They have People that speak spanish as well. Very helpful.
Thank you very much.

- Anessa (5 star review) March 3, 2022


If you need an attorney that knows how to try a case and win, than Ms. Barnes is your attorney. She won my case against a highly reputable attorney. I will never walk into court with any lawyer than her and recommend her to everyone. She is fierce in the courtroom!
- anonymous (5 star review) October 6, 2019

The Best!!!

I found Carol after reading reviews and man did she deliver. I had a child custody issue and she made me comfortable with my decision to hire her immediately! Carol and Maria know what they are doing and you can put your full confidence in them!
- Corey (5 star review)    March 12, 2018

Divorce case

I signed with this firm after speaking with Attorney Barnes. She explained the divorce process and potential problems that could arise with my case.

My case was actually handled by Attorney Semprazik who was hard-working, communicative and reassuring. He made my year long case bearable with his calm demeanor and positive attitude. I always felt supported. He spent countless hours preparing for hearings, writing responses and doing research on my behalf. I cannot say enough about how amazing he was.

The paralegal; Maria was also a superstar. She’s smart, charming and so helpful. She always recognized my voice on the phone and was able to bridge the gaps when my attorney was in court or working on other cases. She knows the law, the court system and the judges. She has insight into what strategies that would be most advantageous. She’s an absolute asset to the firm.

I cannot say enough good things about this firm! Although I was paying them for their services, I never once felt like just a client. I always felt like a priority to all of them. Words cannot express my gratitude to each and every one of them. If you’re looking for representation that treats you like more than just a case, I recommend this firm without hesitation. The absolute best!

- Christine (5 star review) November 30, 2021

Exceptional Service

I selected Barnes Law Group through a Google search after the absolutely awful client/attorney experience that led to the less than favorable outcome of my mothers’ divorce. I retained Carol Barnes to assist in providing legal services related to the completion of the financial terms of my mother’s final Divorce Decree. The experience with Barnes Law Group from my very first point of contact through the completion of the services rendered was exceptional and my experience with Carol was like day and night compared to my experience with the previous attorney. The professionalism, dedication to service, and personal support Carol and her entire team provided during the entire drawn out process (the result of opposing counsel) was exceptional and very much appreciated. Whenever I reached out to Carol or her team with a question or concern, I always received an immediate response. Carol was truly our “Warrior” never backing down from the intimidating and often disrespectful personality of my mother’s ex or his attorney. Carol always had my mother’s back and always prevailed. Should I or any member of my family ever be in need of the legal services Barnes Law Group provides, I would not hesitate to direct myself or them to Carol Barnes.

- Dee (5 star review) April 29, 2021

A very knowledgeable Family Law Attorney

A judge made a ruling in a family court case that involved us. We thought it would be prudent to retain a lawyer to further clarify the court's expectations. The Barnes Law Group, specifically, Carol Barnes, was recommended to us.

At our initial meeting, we found Carol to be a very good listener and very knowledgeable. While not betraying client/attorney privilege, Carol was able to cite two cases with fact patterns almost identical to ours. It was clear to us that Carol understood our position and what Nevada law applied to our situation.

Carol was able to quickly analyze our situation. She took us through several logically thought-out, clearly communicated, creative options that took into account the law, our specific circumstances, and the personality of the court (which, in family court, is important).

Carol made a recommendation she thought would be best for us. We were happy with her good judgement in that the recommendations focused on our goals and did not get involved with non-essential, extraneous, actions. While very confident in her advice, Carol did not project the image that she had all of the answers; she is very willing to entertain alternative approaches.

Together, we and Carol developed a strategy for dealing with our situation.

We had meetings with other parties in the case. Carol, arriving at the meetings fully prepared, was able to successfully interact with us, the other party and the other party's attorney. Carol is very good at dealing with people.

During our interactions with Carol, we found her to be very direct. She tells you what you should do and then she tells you what she is going to do. Carol then does what she said she was going to do. During our conversations, Carol alluded to other courses and seminars she had taken. This was evident in her knowledge of, not only the law, but interpersonal communications, and mental health issues.

We found Carol and her staff to be very accessable, available, and responsive to our needs at all times.

- Tim (5 star review) December 1, 2016

Won my case!

It seemed obvious in my case from the get go, that the Judge respected Carol M Barnes Esq, a whole lot more than the opposition's lawyer. The opposition's lawyer was sloppy and unprofessional and the (Judge) court took notice, to my surprise. Ms.Barnes is my 4th lawyer on my case, helping with post divorce issues. And, she is by far the best and her ethics and skill, puts her in the upper echelon of lawyers in town, yet very reasonable and humble to only charge $350, especially given her resume. The only other skilled and ethical lawyer that might be able to compete with her caliber, is Rhonda Mushkin, but she charges $450 or 500/hr. There might be a few others in town, that are ethical. If you have a shady cheap lawyer, as I had before, there's a reason. Cheap isn't always cheaper. A previous cheap bottom rung lawyer (@200/hour) wouldn't allow me to settle and it was an expensive nightmare, like a taxi cab ride from hell, where you can't get off.

My ex uses a (elderly quasi volunteer) cheap lawyer and the x has yet to make any ground or advancements after 3 years. Nonetheless, Ms.Barnes got the respect and the shady cheap lawyer just wasted every one's time and gained nothing for his client, because he was unethical and the court can't ignore stuff when you have a good lawyer, like Ms.Barnes

- anonymous (5 star review) September 2, 2020

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