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Child Custody

Having to make decisions regarding the division of your child's time, where your child will reside, and how much say you get in his or her upbringing is never an easy thing. Barnes Law Group is here to help you work out a custody arrangement with your child's other parent that will be agreeable to all parties involved, especially your child. The law firm has experience in fighting for the rights of parents throughout Clark County, and will work diligently to get you a satisfactory custody arrangement, whether it is an initial agreement or modification you seek.
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Child Support

Getting the child support you need to care for a child means getting the fullest possible picture of financial matters on both sides. Attorney Carol Barnes has experience in taking the entirety of clients' financial situations into account, calculating the true costs of a child's educational, healthcare, and other needs, and ensuring that these factors are considered in the issuance of support by the courts.
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Drug Crimes

You do not have to own the drugs or drug paraphernalia to be charged with possession. And you do not have to be in the process of selling drugs to be charged with Drug Trafficking (it is entirely based on the weight of the controlled substance in your possession). Some people find a way to...

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes carry a particularly high level of social stigma. In most circumstances, you will have to register as a sex offender in the State, which extends the punishment far beyond the time served in custody. Sex offender registration makes it exceedingly difficult to obtain housing and employment. It is important that you have an...


Driving Under the Influence includes operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol, illegal controlled substances, over-the-counter drugs, and prescription drugs. DUI charges are serious and can cost you your job. If you plead guilty to this charge you need to be aware that Driving Under the Influence is an enhanceable offense. This means the...

Firearm Crimes

Nevada allows residents to carry concealed firearms if they have the proper permit, commonly called a CCW (Carrying Concealed Weapon Permit). But ex-felons, fugitives from justice, illegal drug users, mentally ill persons, and illegal immigrants are not allowed to own or possess firearms at all. Ex-felons are often arrested for carrying weapons that they did...

Violent Crimes

It goes without saying that Judges take violent crimes very seriously and if you have a criminal history that includes violent crimes Judges are not generally inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt. But there are a wide range of violent crimes, ranging from simple battery to murder with a deadly weapon. Often...

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a violent crime committed in the context of an intimate relationship. This includes intentionally inflicting unlawful physical force against a family member, spouse, dating partner, or housemate. If you plead guilty to this charge you need to be aware that Domestic Violence is an enhanceable offense. This means the State will use...

Record Sealing

When you have a criminal record, your entire life changes. Employers and landlords will reject your applications when they run their background check and prevent you from obtaining the job and home you want. Sealing your record prevents these people from seeing your criminal history and holding those charges against you. If you can, seal...


Divorce is one of the most mentally and emotionally exhausting experiences a person can go through. When you are in the midst of a divorce, the last thing you need is a messy legal process to go along with it. While nothing can make your divorce painless, working with an attorney with the right experience and skills can certainly make the process easier. Carol Barnes of Barnes Law Group is that attorney.
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Family Law

For years, Carol Barnes has worked exclusively as a family lawyer. During this time, she has achieved an impressive understanding of the legal landscape in Clark County and beyond. She knows exactly what it takes to win contentious family cases, but she can also help clients achieve desired family arrangements in an amicable manner via mediation or collaboration. Regardless of your desired approach, you can rest assured, knowing that Carol Barnes will serve as a strong advocate.
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