Violent Crimes

It goes without saying that Judges take violent crimes very seriously and if you have a criminal history that includes violent crimes Judges are not generally inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt. But there are a wide range of violent crimes, ranging from simple battery to murder with a deadly weapon. Often times, you might not understand why you are charged with one violent crime as opposed to another, or why you are charged with multiple crimes for one incident. A qualified criminal defense lawyer can navigate the complexities of these crimes to reduce the charges or even have them dismissed, especially if you have been charged with both crimes. If you plan to fight your case, you will want an attorney that not only knows the elements of the crime, but also knows how to get the best results at your preliminary hearing or trial. If you plan to take some sort of plea deal, you will want an attorney that knows your judge and District Attorney well enough to know what a good deal looks like.


  • Arson (1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree)
  • Assault
  • Battery – simple, or with substantial bodily harm, or with a deadly weapon
  • Robbery

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